11 Out of 59 Ways to Overcome Camera Fright

Do You Have Camera Fright?

Yet You Know if You Filmed Videos it Would
Help Your Business?

The good news is you are not alone on this. The great news is many people have overcome their fears of being filmed on video.

It is safe to say almost everyone has fears of being filmed on video. Some main fears we may have are: no one will like my videos, what if I look silly, what if it is not perfect?

Our team even had the same fears when we first started using video emails and I have to tell you that you can overcome your fears of being on camera.

The truth is…the risk is worth the reward and with a little bit of help, you can start overcoming camera fright and start seeing positive results in no time.

We have done our research and these are proven results that will help your business if you use video emails for your business.

Here are 11 ways you can overcome camera fright.

11 Ways to Overcome Camera Fright

1. Be yourself: It is important to be authentic on video so your viewers can connect with you relationally.

2. Keep it simple: It is important to keep your message short and simple. When messages are long and drawn out with lots of content, people will lose focus on what you are saying.

3. Speak from the heart: It is a good idea to speak passionately and from the heart.

4. Practice: Practice what you are going to say before recording. This will help you be prepared and confident. Know what you are going to say when filming. This also gets the ums, uhs, and pauses out.

5. Be Ok with failure: It’s ok to mess up and not get it right the first time. So many times we put so much pressure on getting our message down perfectly the first time around that it causes anxiety. Remember the beauty of video is you can always do a take 2, 3 or 100 times.

6. Be Confident: There is something to be said about rock stars on stage and being confident. When you film, pretend you’re a rock star and have confidence. You have fans, people on your email list, subscribers, and they want to hear from you.

7. Stay away from caffeine: Caffeine can cause the heart rate to increase and contribute to anxiety and fears.

8. Relax: Find ways to relax and enjoy yourself when filming. When we tense up that can cause more fear and anxiety.

9. Breathe: Take deep breaths before filming so you can focus. It will also help you relax.

10. Have Fun: Filming yourself should be fun! Find ways to have fun with it. Make a game out of seeing how many times it will take you to get it right.

11. Laugh Often: It is good to laugh often and don’t take yourself too seriously.

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