VaxisHub creates for independent agents a unique “done-for-you” customer acquisition and retention platform, using the most engaging technology in today’s and tomorrow’s market—video. Now agents can cultivate strong, long-lasting connections with customers by communicating priceless, timely information about their safety, homes, money and family throughout the year, not just when the invoice is due.

We know technology solutions can be intimidating. We also know when used properly it creates strong and long-lasting ties to customers. And we also know something not to be overlooked—regular video conversations can create as much as a 272% improvement in customer acquisition and retention.

Our “done-for-you,” video-driven platform starts with pre-written scripts to take away the “what do I say” worries. We share tips for how to record both the video and audio for maximum results. Then we distribute your videos to the customers you designate.

In an increasingly noisy and competitive market, your prospects build trust in you faster and understand the benefits of working with you. Current customers know you care about them, their families and their safety so they say longer and buy more frequently. You separate yourself from the competition and develop very loyal customers.

With VaxisHub you build your business faster and easier. You retain more business, creating a higher valuation when you’re ready to sell. And here’s the real reason we do this—just like you, we’re driven to improve the quality of life for our customers. We invite you to open an exploratory conversation to see what we can do for your business…and you.