Keep Your Calendar Full With Qualified Appointments

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  • How many of you want more appointments?
  • How many of you don't like to cold call or make phone calls to grow your business?
  • How many of you know that it is necessary to prospect to grow your business?

Video Email is the absolute most effective way to get an appointment from somebody.  It is much better than cold calls because when we call we are interrupting someone.  When we send a personalized video email, they get to review it on their terms.

VaxisMail is the way to send a video through email.

  • Generate trust and rapport even before your first meeting. This speeds up the sales process and fills your calendar with warm lead appointments, no more cold calling!
  • Differentiate yourself from all the other people calling on them, so you are remembered.
  • Connect personally with the customer or prospect.
  • Know if your email is opened and watched so you know exactly how best to follow up.
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There are a couple things slowing down your prospecting.


#1. You're not making enough calls due to call reluctance


#2. You're not being consistent with prospecting


7 Strategies to Keep Your Calendar Full

electronic communication

#1.  Electronic Communication.  People are so busy that electronic communication is one of the best options for you to reach your prospects and customers.


#2. Personalize Your Message

Highest Open Rates

If you received a personalized video email, how many of you would watch it?  Of course you would.  Your prospects are no different!

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#3. Gamify Your Prospecting

This is why we created the 1 a Day Club. 

Reaching out from 1 to 5 people a day will get you in the rhythm of prospecting and it is going to fill up your calendar with qualified appointments.  Only 3 to 15 minutes a day.

#4. Be Consistent

Consistency with a proven approach will make you a success.  

The 1 a Day Club is the way to help you be consistent in your prospecting.

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#6. Follow up in a Timely Manner After a Networking Event

When you follow up with a video email, they get to see your face again and remember what you talked about.

Once you know they watched the video, it is time to call and schedule an appointment.  Now they are warm.  It really works!

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#7. Stand Out From the Crowd and be Memorable

The people who are remembered are the ones that get the call for an appointment.